Advanced Relational Software

Risk Management (Property/Casualty) Software and Actuarial Services for Large Corporations - Technical Information

Contact:Jim Postilion
(847) 956-1453

Software Platform
There are 2 platforms...
1) A Microsoft 32-bit Windows Client Application containing a complete, private copy of the database and all reports, charts, exports, inquiries, and admin functions.
2) A Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) Web Server Application for on-line data collection and up-to-the-minute reports, charts, exports, inquiries, and admin functions.
Development Environment
Both platforms are built using The Microsoft Visual C++ Development Environment. All application code is written in COBOL/SQL with extra commands for "Windows", "Dialog Boxes", "Menus", "HTML", "XML", and "Email". The resulting COBOL/SQL code is translated into "C" code and then compiled into DLL's using the Microsoft C++ Compiler. Worker routines are written in a combination of "C" and "C++".
Hardware Requirements
1) IBM PC or compatible.
2) 100 MB of disk space (100,000 claims x 20 years of history).
3) 250 MB of memory.
4) CD-Rom Drive.
Software Requirements
1) Internet Explorer or compatible Browser with java script enabled.
2) Microsoft Windows 95 or later Operating System.
3) Microsoft Word or compatible RTF word processor (for editing reports).
4) Microsoft Excel or compatible spreadsheet program (for manipulating exports).
5) Microsoft Front Page (for editing charts).