Advanced Relational Software

Risk Management (Property/Casualty) Software and Actuarial Services for Large Corporations - Software Services

Contact:Jim Postilion
(847) 956-1453

Analysis / Design
To create the "Initial System", customize a "New Software Component", and/or develop a "New Feature/Enhancement" we will:
1) Meet with you and your representatives
2) Gather information
3) Make suggestions
4) Record your preferences
5) Develop a "Preliminary Design"
Before we begin, here are some of the items that may be required...
1) Current claim data file(s) and documentation for each source to be converted
2) Historic claim data files(s) or transactions going as far back in time as possible
3) Current organization structure and company logo
4) Chart of Accounts from your General Ledger
5) Employee data, vehicle data, and sales/volume data
6) Asset, building, equipment, business interruption/marginal contribution, and inventory values
7) Schedule of coverages: limits, deductibles, taxes, and handling fees as far back as possible
8) Current and prior casualty renewal fee schedule(s)
9) Latest actuary study
10) Copies of any existing cost allocation formulas / spreadsheets
11) Copies of any existing accident / injury Forms, or in-house claim files
12) Copies of any existing safety audits, safety data bases, and / or safety spreadsheets
13) List of features, capabilities...etc. you would like to see in the system
14) List of any special encoded data elements you would like to track
15) List of Report Recipients and the Reports you would like them to receive
16) List of On-line data entry user names and the data/functions they will be authorized to access
17) Any other spreadsheets, reports, documents...etc. pertinent to the system not mentioned above
18) List of Risk Managers / power users who will have access to a copy of the primary risk analysis, administration, and reporting tool;
Estimate / Proposal
Based on a "Preliminary Design", we will develop a written "Proposal" that includes...
1) List of "Inputs" and associated estimated hours to capture and/or convert them
2) List of "Outputs" and associated estimated hours to develop them
3) List of "All Other Tasks / Functions" and associated estimated hours to develop them
4) An estimated completion date / development schedule
5) The Total "Start-up Fee"
6) The Total "Ongoing Annual Fee"
Customization / Development
Upon written acceptance of a "Proposal" we will...
1) Adjust the estimated completion date if necessary
2) Proceed with development of the "New Software Component / Feature"
3) Test / verify the "New Software Component / Feature"
4) Turn the "New Software Component / Feature" over for "Acceptance Testing"
5) Correct any deficiencies observed during the "Acceptance Test Period"
Software Maintenance
After the "Acceptance Test Period" is complete, "Software Maintenance", provided as part of an "Annual Fee", will include...
1) Correction of bugs / errors found in the operation of the software;
2) Periodic upgrades to maintain compatibility with the latest Microsoft operating systems;
3) Periodic upgrades to take advantage of new Microsoft Office features;
4) Periodic upgrades to make the software operate more efficiently;
5) Periodic "Universal" upgrades to maintain competitiveness with other vendors;
"Production Services", provided as part of an "Annual Fee", will include...
1) Conversion of regularly scheduled insurance carrier claim files;
2) Conversion of regularly scheduled company wide exposure files;
3) Conversion of any other regularly scheduled data files not included above;
4) Operation of the software to maintain your company wide organization structure and related codes;
5) Operation of the software to maintain your company wide General Ledger chart of accounts;
6) Operation of the software to maintain your insurance coverages and related limits/fees;
7) Operation of the software to maintain your users, privileges, and report distribution lists;
8) Operation of the software to forecast losses and generate recommended insurance budgets;
9) Operation of the software to calculate monthly / quarterly insurance charges;
10) Operation of the software to interface directly with your Accounting System;
11) Operation of the software to disseminate regularly scheduled statements/reports via email;
12) Adjustment of development factors to automatically fund required Actuary accrual balances;
13) Distribution of software / data updates via FTP, email, or HTTP;
14) Backup of your data daily and to a vault monthly;
15) Telephone support;
16) Secure SSL access to your internet site;