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Risk Management (Property/Casualty) Software and Actuarial Services for Large Corporations - Samples

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Sample Outputs
Below are 5 categories of "Sample Outputs" that are being produced for our clients. Each category contains highlights and is NOT an exhaustive list. Data requirements are noted within the category...
Claims Reports, exports, and charts used for: analyzing current and historical claim trends; staying informed on current claim activities; identifying trouble areas; gathering/distributing information from/to the field, your risk managers, your insurance broker, and your actuary...etc. Data usually comes from the Insurance Carrier directly to us.
Exposure Reports and exports used primarily for data verification purposes and/or supporting detail as questions arise. This data is a prerequisite to producing other outputs denoted below. It can be difficult to obtain as it usually comes from many different sources within the corporation.
Insurance Budget Reports and exports used during the insurance budgeting process for: preparing the upcoming year's proposed insurance budget, presenting the insurance budget to the field, comparing the insurance budget with prior year, breaking out / analyzing the 4 major components of the insurance budget ("Fixed Costs", "Estimated Current Year Claims", "Estimated Prior Year Claims", "IBNR")...etc. Outputs are dependent on "Claims" and "Exposure" data above.
Cost Allocation Reports, exports, and charts used for: disseminating monthly insurance charge statements to the field, disseminating financial summary information to management, analyzing the true cost of insurance at any organizational level and over time...etc. These outputs are dependent on "Claims", "Exposure", and "Insurance Budget" data above.
Safety Reports, exports, and charts useful for: disseminating monthly safety results to the field, identifying incomplete safety activities, identifying safety problem areas, analyzing safety trends over time, correlating safety activities with insurance costs, frequency, and lost days / restricted days...etc. These outputs are dependent on "Claims" and "Safety" data.