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Safety Samples
These "Safety Samples" require the "Claims" and "Safety" software components to be populated with relevant data in order to be produced.
Overall Risk Rating Chart #1 This chart is used to identify "Locations at Risk" within a particular segment of the company. It contains 3 separate charts: The 1st charts displays the "% of Safety Activities Completed". The 2nd chart displays the "Current Accident Frequency". The 3rd chart combines the first two charts to arrive at an "Overall Risk Rate".
Overall Risk Rating Chart #2 This example is similar to the above chart. However, it is based on "Safety Audit Scores" and "Average No. Claims" instead of "% Safety Activities Completed" and "Current Accident Frequency".
Safety Data Input Screen This is a sample data input screen that can used to collect summary level "Safety" and "OSHA" data. It was used to generate the 1st "Overall Risk Rating Chart" from above.
Safety Audit Questionnaire This is a sample RTF / MS Word document that can be used to collect "Safety Audit Scores". It was used to generate the 2nd "Overall Risk Rating Chart" from above.
Safety Frequency Correlation Chart This chart tries to correlate an increase in "% Safety Activities Completed" with a decrease in "Accident Frequency (number of OSHA reportable cases per 200,000 hours worked)". In this example there is a good correlation.
Custom Safety Results Spreadsheet This is a custom spreadsheet requested by a client to be included in their monthly Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Report Deck. It ranks regions based on  No. Lost Work Days, No. Injuries, No. Lost Time Cases, and No. Accidents per Truck and also tracks their goals.