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Claim Samples
These "Claim Samples" require a data fle or tape exchange between us and your Insurance Carrier(s).
Active Claims List This simple report lists all open claims or closed claims with activity. It can be distributed to any organizational entity to keep them aware of claims occurring at their location(s). It is purposely kept simple.
Active Claim Summary Report This report was designed to provide upper management with a 1-page snapshot of open claims and claims with activity that have occurred under their management. The locations are ranked by total claim incurred to help highlight potential problem areas.
Claim Detail Printout This is a verbose word document containing information about a single case. It is used in response to a request from the field for more information on a specific claim.
Top 20 Leading Causes of Injury Chart This simple chart ranks the top 20 leading causes of injury based on accident count and then based on accident cost. The same analysis can be performed on an endless number of encoded data elements.
Top 13 States With Cause = "Strain" This chart ranks the top 13 states with "Cause of Loss" = "5600-Strain/Injury by Lifting". It can also be run on the "Top 20 Locations".
Top 20 Leading Repeaters Chart This simple chart ranks the top 20 leading repeaters based on accident count and then based on accident cost. This analysis requires a valid social security number on each case. We have another repeater report which is more leniant that will match on a selected number of characters of the employee/driver name.
Loss Trend Chart This chart shows the total losses (incurred + taxes / handling) for the 1st 4 months of the year for the last 5 years. It is a good basis for showing organizational levels how they are doing from a "pure claims" stand point from year to year through April.
Claim Detail Export This is an Excel Worksheet that the client uses to build various pivot tables and charts. Only data elements that are useful to the client (i.e. are encoded properly) are included in the download.
Loss Summary By State Export This Excel spreadsheet is used for insurance renewal quoting. It has been abbreviated for confidentiality reasons. The complete spreadsheet would include a tab for "each" state and 1 tab for "All States". It is usually asked for by the insurance broker in preparation for sending your insurance program out for bid.